Secret places

The Ritz Paris does not reveal all of its secrets at first glance.

A giant among greats, the hotel continues its legendary destiny by cultivating a unique sensibility for presentation and surprise. For this reason it keeps certain places confidential, which seem to spring to life as if by magic.

Salon Auguste Escoffier

Culinary history in the making

In this private dining room with a sublime Napoleonic décor, the Ritz Paris pays tribute to its first chef and, above all, offers the privilege of enjoying its two-star cuisine in complete privacy. A large, round table with a view over the glass roof of L'Espadon welcomes up to 12 guests for a memorable gastronomic adventure.

La place des cuisiniers

A very private event

An impromptu dining experience in the very heart of the kitchens, this table promises a moment to remember that’s both timeless and unconventional. Witness a culinary ballet performed by one of the most prestigious brigades in French gastronomy. A table for two or several guests, in a setting that by turns may be intimate or ideal for celebrating a professional milestone. It’s also entirely possible that Chef may serve guests himself and join in the festivities for a gift such as this.

L’École Ritz Escoffier

A theater for gastronomy

A symbol of excellence and savoir-faire that’s unique in the world: the Ecole Ritz Escoffier doesn’t just offer simple classes and cooking workshops inside a Parisian institution. It also presents an opportunity to sit down and share a gastronomic moment that’s as close to the action you can get in the kitchens. There’s even a chance to put on an apron and play apprentice.